Student Associations

On this list, you will find student associations at the University of Copenhagen that are involved in entrepreneurship and innovation.

Organisation Description


Studenterforening Dansic

DANSIC is an interdisciplinary platform for anyone interested in exploring challenges and opportunities in social innovation.


Studenterforening Digi-Talks

Digi-Talks is an interdisciplinary student organisation that seeks to create a digitisation debate across Danish university students. The organisation’s vision is to create a basis for an academic digital debate that will equip students to take part in a future in which technology plays an increasingly important role.

Medical Business Association (MBA)

Studenterforening Medical Business Association

Medical Business Association is a special interest group meant primarily for medical students at the University of Copenhagen with an interest in business and economics. The aim of the group is to promote its members’ networks, provide them with an overview of career opportunities and to offer courses and talks on the pharmaceutical industry, entrepreneurship and stock exchange.


Studenterforening META

META (the interdisciplinary Medical Technology Association) is a student organization at Panum. Our vision is to create a platform where students in medicine, engineering and science can share knowledge and seek understanding of each other's subjects through lectures and workshops.

Polit Case Competition

Studenterforening Polit Case Competition

The organization Polit Case Competition was founded in 2014. The organization consists of students of economics from the University of Copenhagen. We strive to create a case based on a real-life problem where teamwork, economic theory and tools, and presentation skills are applied in the solution. Each team gets to present their solution to a panel of professional judges. The judges are provided by our partners ranging from business enterprises to government departments.

R.E.B.B.L.S. (Rising Entrepreneurs in BioBusiness and Life Science)


REBBLS is a network connecting the most dedicated, talented, and ambitious bioentrepreneurs in Denmark in order to create a forum for gaining further experience, tools, and business relations within startup in biotech and life science

Women in Business


Women in Business wants to inspire the female students at the University of Copenhagen to strengthen their competencies. We want to develop innovative students who dare to challenge themselves and the surrounding community. Women in Business brings focus to innovation and entrepreneurship by being a business-oriented student organization that seeks to create value for students, the Faculty of Social Sciences and private and public organizations.