Negotiation of licensing agreements

If a company or organisation wants to access an invention made by researchers at the University of Copnehagen, a licensing agreement needs to be drafted. The University of Copenhagen owns the rights to research results generated by researchers employed by the University.

Who Negotiates?

The University of Copenhagen's Tech Transfer Office handles the patenting and commercialisation process, and is responsible for ensuring that as many inventions as possible are made available to society, typically via licensing agreements with Danish and international companies.

Prior to Negotiations

Prior to a licensing agreement, a researcher employed at the University of Copenhagen has reported an invention to the Tech Transfer Office. The Tech Trans Office's commercial officers have assessed the invention's market potential.

And the University of Copenhagen has acquired the rights to the invention (as per the "Act on inventions at public research institutions").

Conditions and University of Copenhagen's obligations

The terms and conditions of a licensing agreement depend on the academic area and the nature, maturity and potential of the invention. When starting licensing negotiations with the University of Copenhagen, it is important to be aware of the following statutory obligations:

  • The University of Copenhagen has a duty to make the best possible use of inventions when the University of Copenhagen enters into agreements with companies
  • The Tech Transfer Office is responsible for ensuring that the licensing agreement has been concluded on market terms, including by determining the royalties that must accrue to the University of Copenhagen, when the company receives income based on the invention
  • The University of Copenhagen is responsible for ensuring that the researchers involved can continue to conduct research within the area after a licensing agreement has been concluded

You are always welcome to contact the Tech Transfer Office with questions on both the University of Copenhagen’s selection of inventions and the process of licensing of inventions.