Commissioned Research and Consultancy Services

Businesses, organisations and public sector institutions can requisition specialised analyses or small research projects done by the University of Copenhagen's experts with access to the latest knowledge and technology for measurements and analyses.

The assignments can either be solved as commissioned research, where you enter into an agreement with the university itself, or as consultancy services, where you enter into an agreement with the individual researcher.

Commissioned research (incl. analyses)

Commissioned research is sometimes called contract research. It is characterised by the fact that a company, authority or organisation orders an analysis, a measurement or another specialised service from a researcher.

Agreements on commissioned research are concluded with the University of Copenhagen. The university's laboratory facilities and academic networks must therefore be used to solve the task.

Commissioned research is typically a clearly defined project, such as a specific statistical analysis or a sequencing of a DNA string.

Consultancy services

If a company, organisation or public body wants to buy consultancy services from a researcher, they must contact the researcher or research team directly. Consultancy services are typically clearly scientifically defined and have a clearly definde timeframe.

The agreement is with the researcher personally, not the University, The researcher cannot, therefore, make use of the university's equipment or materials to solve consultancy tasks.

If you want to get in touch with a researcher about a specific job, contact the appropriate faculty. If you are unsure which faculty to contact, ask our business coordinator.