Contacts about collaboration

The University of Copenhagen's Industry Relations Manager can help your company go to the right office or research group.

You can also contact the faculties contacts for business collaboration, who knows the academic environments potential in depth.

Faculty of Science

Head of Policy, SCIENCE Secretariat, Communication and Policy
Charlotte Fischer
Tel.: +45 3533 2036

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Chief Administrative Officer
Tina Lewis
Tel.: +45 3058 9241

Faculty of Humanities

Senior Adviser
Marie Roloff Groth
Tel: +45 2395 1537

Faculty of Social Sciences

Senior adviser
Martin Bukh Vestergaard
Tel.: +45 3533 0886

Faculty of Law

Senior Executive Consultant
Johanne Keiding
Tel.: +45 3533 5145

Faculty of Theology

Faculty Director
Torben Rytter Kristensen
Tel.: +45 3532 3605