Recruit a Researcher

If a company or organisation wishes to gain access to the university's specialised knowledge and research, one option is to recruit a researcher.

Industrial PhD and -postdoc

The Industrial Researcher Scheme from Innovation Fund Denmark invests in Industrial PhD’s and Industrial Postdocs. It provides companies with a subsidy to hire a researcher for a project that can generate value for the company.

  • An Industrial PhD is a three-year business oriented project. The student is employed by a company, but is still enrolled at a university.
  • A industrial postdoc is aimed at companies of all sizes with a high-tech focus. The employee will typically be a researcher (with a PhD degree) at the start of his/her career. The researcher is employed by the company and works with the university.

In both cases, a clear research project must be drawn up, which creates value for the company. The project must be of such high quality that it can be approved by the Innovation Fund, which grants the subsidy. The University will gladly help to develop the project, draw up an call for a suitable employee, etc. 

Hire a senior researcher

A senior researcher at a university is usually employed as an associate professor or professor. If a company or organisation needs to recruit a researcher for a period of at least five years or longer, a co-funded associate professorship or professorship may be the solution.

A company-funded professorship can be an option when a larger company has an interest in moving into a new area of business that requires strong analytical competencies and highly specialised counsel.

If you want to learn more about co-funded employments, e-mail our legal team at the department of Human Resources.